Brothers & sisters, you represent the large and varied world of volunteering. One of the beautiful realities in the Church you may find among you each day is almost always silent and hidden, you give form and visibility to mercy. You manifest one of the most beautiful features from the heart of humankind: to make a suffering person feel loved.

Pope Francis in the Jubilee of the volunteers Vatican, 03 Sep. 16 / 04:14 am (ACI).


Colaboran con las comunidades religiosas en la tarea común de construir espacios de dignidad y de solidaridad, dando testimonio de que otro mundo es posible.

In today’s troubled world in which live, we are surprised constantly by the sign of vitality and hope in the gesture of solidarity of so many young people, who dedicate their life and their time, with total generosity in the service of the mission anywhere in the world.

They collaborate with the religious communities in the common task of building spaces of dignity and solidarity, giving testimony that another world is possible.

In this vast world also there is a place for you. There we eagerly await to work with you side-by-side, sharing joy, suffering and the journeys of the excluded who live on the borders of injustice and poverty.


Come and see…

  • If sometimes you do not know what you are looking for, feel dissatisfaction and thirst of a life of difference and of a distinct world.
  • If in the middle of the glitters of superficiality and consumerism of our society, still your eyes lingers to see the misery of many people, ears to listen the cry of the poor, a heart to feel the pain of the marginalized and despised…
  • If you like to work as a team and have capacity to respect the principles, orientations and projects of an institution. If assume that the work voluntary not is paid,
  • If you wish to work in team and has capacity to respect the principles, different way of thinking and projects of an institución/organization.
  • If you assume that the voluntary work is not paid
  • If you are above 21 years old and wishes to give a response to your longings and believes that it is posible to link your dreams to the dreams of Jesus.. and that of many others..


We are inviting you to experience, for a time, a simple lifestyle, happy, full of joy, profound and challenged, doing something worth spending time with which exalts your happiness, deepens and widens more your being tan the you ever dreamt.

Are you interested to know the place of realization of your dream?

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What’s left at the end of a volunteer experience?

Teresinha. Mahotas. Mozambique.

teresinhaCapabilities, level of language, never were the mine, that you give the best written words to express the deep gratitude I have for all of you, the constant affection and everything that I taught in the beautiful mission that you have. That will be for my whole life and teachings that I have been offered free of charge, through your attitude, your friendship, your silence, your sense of humor, vuesta complicity, your simplicity, that is much better when we talk to the heart than when we use relevant words. For all this and much more, because of this experience I bring with me a huge fortune. read more…