Onelia Lopez, applicant Guatemalan in Guatemala

Time sees the human being, but God sees not the time of the stage you will in your process, rather he sees the heart, availability, delivery, mostly look with eyes of compassion and mercy to the poor.

First of all, I want to share my experience to the get to the House of postulancy. For me it was a very special day, a day so unforgettable, also of sadness because I left my family with tears in her eyes, but I was wearing my eyes sealed with joy and hope at the start of a new stage in my life, accompanied by the power of God, also want to live this mission, this one does; follow Jesus from this lifestyle as a Dominican missionary of the Rosary.

Onelia 2I am very happy at the end of this year. So with joy and gratitude the good God, father and kindly mother who by sheer gratuitousness has given me the wonderful gift of this experience.
I’m just new to this process. However, it fills me with great courage, hope and challenges this life posed to me by how bring the Kingdom of God to the brothers and sisters who live in extreme poverty, children living in the dump, the sick suffering from cancer.
I made because every day I say yes to God to experience his presence in my life, through my relationship with people, friends, knowing their reality, that is a year full of blessing, grace and joy to be living now as MDR.

With the beautiful experience of the following of Jesus; also my life is enriched in coexistence and community life, which has been a space to share my life, joy, sadness, concern, achievements, and also the work of House. In this I have discovered that my life is limited, is complemented by the others and is planned with the God. I have not been created as island, but as a person, and that means for me that I’ve been set up as a community, live and love is to share life. By that give thanks to Dios by this experience, that is a form of life, at the same time is a task that is makes many times difficult without the help of others.

I have discovered the face of Jesus on the day to day and in each one of the Sisters of the community to share and appreciate the richness of diversity, customs, cultures and countries.
Onelia 3With regard to them studies, have been of great help for me, by all what learned, them moments of share, analyze, dialogue, but mostly it more nice is it relationship with my companions and companions, with them teachers and master, has been a relationship reciprocal. They taught me that these make sense if they are to service the poor.
My life has been a wealth and daily news. Animated by faith and prayer fraternal in my community of Alliance and discipling, above all, the link with the true living God. With the help of personal and community prayer, I feel that that gives me energy, strength, it encourages me and excites me to live the experience of tracking Dejesus.

And the fruit of my prayer I enriched with different missions and pastoral as: support to children living in the garbage dump and that are also preparing for first communion, supporting school reinforcement, also accompanying children school new life with the formation and Christian initiation.

Also filled me with great joy seeing and sharing with them his antics, its proximity and provided confidence, but at the same time impressed the situation and the reality that each lives in extreme poverty, some children mistreated, abused, abandoned, and others who do not even have the possibility of going to school.
Onelia 4That’s why, whenever I approach this reality encouraged me and I say most in my vocation, to respond to this need that lives my brothers.
An of them experiences more strong and hard that I has touched live is the accompaniment to them sick that suffer of the cancer in the Hospital Productores DE to the listen their cries, and suffering, I sympathized with them and asked to Dios that them keep in its road and les fortress.
Despite all this, living joy to serve, feel that everything is doing life and is making sense.
May the Lord grant me always grace follow him faithfully in this life project, to welcome you, serve you, and love him in each of their children.
Onelia Lopez