Just as the prophet Isaiah has let himself be asked and achieved with the great restlessness of God, I still feel that he does not stop asking me these punctual questions, that need an immediate and firm answer.

Throughout my religious walk, I have noticed that each sister assumes the role of Christ's Messenger today, in the place where she is.

Notable and especially here in the mission, in the place where we are, I experience a great richness, from the community experience and the composition of it, being an intergenerational and intercultural community. Where each sister goes looking for a way to harmonize what is, does and believes, to accept the other with their qualities and limitations, all this for the sake of the brothers.

I also praise the sacrifice each sister makes, to provide joy to all, helping them to solve some problems or situations, even if they are very tired or even exhausted.

It is this way of being of each of the sisters that also animates me and inspires me more and more to work in pastoral, sharing faith-life. Just like in the hospital, a place where I have the greatest opportunity to listen to several painful situations, with my desire to be a prophetic voice. For I am aware that I do not always give the best answer or solution (as a psychologist), by my limitations, in the face of what each can present to me.

On the other hand, the celebration of the centenary of the life of our congregation, is more an open door to return to the Maldonado, in our footsteps of the faith and testimony that our founding fathers left us, which happens to the extent that I renewed my commitment to Surrender to God.

Humbly acknowledging that all this happens, not by my strength, not by my own will, but by the grace of God that I cannot deny.

(withdrawn from the written letter asking for renewal of vows, November 2017)

Gilda Zechariah Húo Juniora Milange, Mozambique

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