Maria Jose Guevara Zamora, applicant Nicaraguan in Guatemala

Is a joy to share them my experience to the get to Guatemala, specifically to the community of the postulancy where have lived along this year with 2 sisters and 2 young of different countries which has been a wealth, by what have lived moments glad very significant and that have touched my life, both the experience of life community that from the share what going living each day , our life, the work shared, the accompaniment personal and it coexistence with them sisters older has been of much joy, learning and growth as also it experience missionary, to the see closely them situations of poverty, exclusion, inequality and disrespect to the dignity of the person.

Jose 2My first impression was the place where live, near the market always with much people, mainly of them municipalities more distant that come to work to this area, live in houses small that many times not lend them conditions necessary for live with dignity. From early morning workers with their carts downloaded trucks full of fruit and vegetables, fills the market very early, people buy products and youngsters take advantage to earn a little money offering cargo service, between the bustle of people offering their products, has called me attention the effort to get the salary for food of the day. One day I met a boy who sold peanuts that nobody wanted to buy it, in your face the desire of wanting to help his family looked, in this experience I have very many people desire: “Dream with study, having a decent job with social and economic equality of all people”, this awakened in me the desire to want to give my life to the service of the most poor and needy people.
Joseph 3The days pass and experiences are increasingly impressive, in the dump zone 3 where I shared with children in catechesis and school reinforcement could see the face of God in them seeing their lives neglected, poorly fed and that cry out for a bit of affection, even I have in my mind the words that some of them were saying : “I not have breast, does not want to do anything;” My mom works in the filling; down there is dangerous, but I have to help my dad; I want to be a fireman; My mom bought me juice for lunch; I am friendly and I like to help people; We work among the garbage.” They are children that their only future will be to know misery, if there is no who encourage them and support so that they can study and get out of this situation as a MOM told me: “this is a reality that hurts and at the same time inviting solidarity.”
Joseph 4Something like I also lived in my experience as a volunteer in “Fourth World” with children in the area 12 in the street library, how much joy painted his face to see us reach, what happiness find a new book to read: “what good that came, already extrañábamos them” received us Nataly. Each of them is very special, loving, open and welcoming to new volunteers arriving to share with them a time of joy and teaching. This is a poor, dangerous place because the houses built on the banks of a large ravine that serves as a garbage dump has been both cause of several accidents, here people work very hard, some families have loved ones overseas, one day David told me: “I have no friends, I’d like to travel to the United States to make lots of money” These children await the day when everything will improve and until that happens will continue to be there fighting with the help of God and neighbors with what little they have. Here one discovers the misery and sees how the capitalist system works without humanity, without thinking about the poor and hungry, children or the destitute dying of cold.
So many situations that ask for immediate help and the Government ignored his work, calls for the people, be not can be trusted no one, on routes, on the streets if you aren’t careful you assault or kill you. Talking with Doña pink a day me commented the situation of health of your breast and it operation that you should perform but that not had enough donor of blood, to the tell you that I could donate you his face is turned with a great smile of joy and thanks, seeing and listening to closely these realities me born these questions: would who shall ensure so not has inequality? Who will ensure that for these people, our brothers and sisters? Who will ensure that your voice be heard?
Sharing these experiences in the community and with the support of each one of the sisters want to keep fighting every day from what little they can do because of droplet in droplet can be filled the bucket, so each contributing a little sister will build life and as I said our father Santo Domingo: “stacked wheat is lost, but if it spreads gives much fruit” feeling lively e guest I prepare to start the novitiate together with other young people who have already started this new stage, waiting for you with the help of God and the Congregation is a meeting and delivery experience.
Greetings to all, with love.

Maria Jose Guevara Zamora