Adivasi Shaikshanik and Arogya Kendra, Kawant is in Chotaudepur district and working for the tribal to access their rights.

Rathwa Kamtiben Nagarsing is living in Dugargam village of Kawant Taluka.  She belongs to Rathwa tribal. She is a widow since 10 years but she did not get any benefit from the Government. She has two daughters and a son. They are below 18 years. Her husband died with the sickle cell. Whenever she comes for the meeting, she never expressed that she is a widow.

One day it happened, we were conducting session on different Government scheme. After the session she met us and expressed that she is a widow. She said that no one has mention about widow pension. After interacting with her, we collected all the information about her. We asked her to bring the required documents which can be helpful to get her rights.

We gave her all the details of the widow pension schemes. Then we took initiative to apply for the widow pension. After many months of request she was granted, now she started to get widow pension.

 She feels very happy and grateful to all those who helped her to get the widow pension.

Sr. Wilma Kopatkar

Nicol bhavan   

Kawant, Gujarat.