“Blessed are you who believed! For it shall be fulfilled what the Lord has announced to you. ”  (Lc 1.45)

The settlement “Jireh” (The Lord my supplier), is located between the 23rd Avenue and 1st Street of Zone 1, capital city of Guatemala. It borders the El Carmen settlement, the Belize Bridge and the railway line to the north. To the south with the settlement 15 of January and annex the victories, to the east with the river the cows and like with the railway line.

Observing the reality in which a group of women live and coexist in this settlement, the question arises of how they are organized, how in the midst of so many precariousness they go ahead with their family. The ability to generate joys and optimism to their daily lives and in the meetings of each Wednesday to share the word of God.

When you share the experience of God, instead of studying it or reasoning it, you vibrate in a special way. In every woman there is a story of encounter with this close God, the god of history. We find in the Bible the narrations of the life of Rajab, Ruth, Bathsheba and many others with a deep experience of God and give us life lessons, these women of the “Jireh” settlement also evangelize us with their lives.

Each of them is choosing to climb the slope daily to give their family the necessary. A rise that the location of the settlement have no choice but to go physically, as it is the only space where they could find a piece of land (and some paying rent because it is not even the land). This is the case in this society where people impoverished by the system are not taken into account.

Most of them have their sons and daughters registered in primary and basic studies. Within the activities they do during the day is to leave their children in school because, although not so withdrawn, does not give them security to walk alone in the streets. On one occasion, one of the women told us that one of the mothers of her daughter’s partner was no longer coming and she was worried and investigated the reason for this absence. So she found out she was sick. When he heard about the situation, he informed us as a group, to see what arrangement we were to visit. This gives us an example of concern for the other, communication, a whole network of solidarity.

Most of them are linked to the parish “Los Angeles”, some come to the courses of cutting and dressmaking, others to learn how to prepare cleaning products. They are happy with what they are learning and are recognizing their skills and abilities of creation. They encourage each other and persevere despite the difficulties in getting their materials.

In recent months, we have shared with them topics about our faith as Catholic Christians. Within the topics have emerged talks about the reality of each of them and always related to the current social problems, problems that have their origin in not seeking the common good but personal interests or small groups, which at the expense of the people want Enrich themselves.


These women are a benchmark for the local community, developing their potential and multiplicándolas for the whole community from daily chores. They become agents of transformation for a just and equitable society, beginning in their surroundings, going up and down the slope of their lives, just as they do in the settlement.

They all want a common good and fight for it, hence it is said that they are women with a deep experience of God and this experience leads them to active participation as Christians committed to improving their collective environment. They are a sign of hope and trust in God.

This experience with the women, in this stage of deepening with the person and project of Jesus in which I am as novice of the Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary, reaffirms me in the confidence of a loving God who walks by our side, in which Jesus continues to bring us the Good news every day, in the daily living with the people around us. Jesus continues to ask for the Kingdom of God in the simplest, always trusting that the small life miracles arise, where all without exclusion can be an important part.


Angélica María Gómez Gómez (Novice Mexican)
Comunidad postulancy novitiate Zona 9