In 1998 a commumity of Sisters was estblished  through the invitation of Mons. Crisologo Manongas, thenacting director of the institution and approved by the Archbishop of Zamboanga City His Excellency Most Rev. Carmelo Morelos, D.D. The Sisers serve the institution for 6 years because they have to leave the place due to the unavoidable circumstances of the new acting director.

After  long absence of the  Founder and Director of the institution, he came to know that the Dominican Sisters is no longer serving the institution of which he dislike the decision to leave this apostolate  by them. lt was then he was granted the approval that he can stay in the Philippines for this particular apostolate. There and then he requested the Dominican Sisters to handle the Administration of the said institution until it was officially granted by the Provincial Superior.

What is Our Blessed Mother of Victory Mission , Ins.
(St. Francis Orphanage )

Our Blessed Mother of  Victory Mission, lns is a Roman Catholic in orientation and dedicated in promoting the Kingdom of God in both words and deeds by providing services to the most in need. lts main apostolate is with the less fortunate children such as out of school, orphaned abandoned and neglected children. The institution was formed in order to promote, assist, encourage and enhance the social and economic advancement of the less fortunate members of the  Philippine society by establishing facilities for various humanitarian activities such as a centr for shelter and train the less privileged children to their acquisition of production skills and trade for them to become a fully functioning citizen.

lt is our belief that the place for the child is with a famiy that the home environment would provide opportunity for development.Unfortunately many of the children either have no home or have left their home because of unhealthy family environment with fewer oppurtunity to yheir growth and development. lt is our hope that though children who have family will one ay be reunited while those have none will become independenr tostand on tneir own.

Our Blessed Mother of Victory Mission (OBMVM) was the first shelter for street children founded by Fr. Arthur Winikoff in August 1987. The mission became officially a foundation through SEC, Securities an Exchange Commision in Aug 8, 1988. As of Oct 4, 1989, Feast of St. Francis of Asissi, the foundation received its license from Deparyment of Social  Welfare and Development.

The beautiful home for the unfortunate children can accommodate  about one hundred children. The home is called St. Francis House which is presently located in beautiful Pasonanca Park where there is ample space for the children to sleep and play, the ground is spacious ith plenty of areas  for sports and other recreation activities. Our ultimate goal is to help these children is to have a meaningful and happy childhood and to prepare them to achieve thier fillest potential to become a productive individual. For now these beneficiaries are  from Zamboanga City.

Services rendered:

  1. Shelter 
  2. Nutrition
  3. Education
  4. Sports and Recreation
  5. Character Formation
  6. Religious services
  7. Health and hygiene
  8. Clothing
  9. Social services


Significant Accomplishments  to the Children

The institution had produced graduates and are productive citizens helpingtheir own family and local community on the field of teaching, Social work, lawyers, nurses, and priest. Some are reunited withthier family . We are happy to know that most of them are successful in their field of work both local and abroad. Gratitude is in them because some come  with thier family and  visit the center introducing to their new family their old family in this Center.

As for me l feel blessed tobe allowed to work in this institution whose mission is to uplift them in thier poverty and be a productive member of the community.